What can I Expect?

The Gut Feeling Programs will help you:

  • Lose weight & increase energy
  • Explore your relationship with food, exercise & movement
  • Restore your gut health
  • Uncover food intolerances
  • Develop functional fitness for everyday life
  • Learn how to change your habits
  • Set achievable and realistic goals
  • Develop positive mindset
  • Build resilience to stress & learn to relax through visualisation therapy



The Vivify! Program is a 30 day nutritional cleanse and dietary reset, aimed at kickstarting your body back to health.

Research shows that the foods we eat have a direct impact on our gut health and our immune system, counteracting health issues such as Type II diabetes, IBS, Crohns, colitis, allergies, obesity, cancer, heart disease among many others.

Vivify! also accelerates fat loss, reprogramming your genes to burn fat instead of glucose.

The Vivify! Program includes:

  • Vivify! Rules – understand the why’s, what’s and how’s
  • Food Journal – to track your journey
  • Meal Planner – taking the guesswork out of each day’s menus
  • Meals Made Easy – learn about portion control
  • Sample Menu – to help you on your way
  • Snack Guide – go to snacks that won’t lead you astray
  • Food Colour Guide – quick and easy reference guide
  • Shopping List – your “must have” foods
  • Cupboard Stocklist – ideas to restock your cupboard with healthy foods
  • Recipes – from soups, to salads, mains and desserts


Available as an online program.



Gut Health Restoration Program


A tailored program to restore your gut microbiome.

Many individuals experience symptoms such as:

  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhoea
  • Auto-immune problems
  • Fatigue
  • Recurrent infections
  • Chronic illness
  • Food intolerances

The Gut Health Restoration Program uses the 4 Rs approach:

Remove – all toxins and irritants in the diet that may be affecting and causing poor digestion, resulting in problems such as leaky gut.

Repair – begin the healing process by consuming unprocessed foods containing valuable nutrients that the body requires such as Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals and natural anti-inflammatory foods.

Restore – start to bring the gut microbiota into balance by introducing probiotic food and beverages, and supplements where necessary.

Reinoculate – correcting any digestive issues such as hydrochlroic acid, bile salts, digestive enzymes to enable proper functioning of the Gastro Intestinal Tract.

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Reactivating Our Ancestral Roots

The “ROAR!” program reduces all carbohydrate intake to almost zero. All foods contain carbohydrates to some degree – even meat, however the level contained within meat is minimal and does not contribute to high insulin levels or elevated blood glucose.

Although humans are classified as omnivorous, meaning that we can eat both plant and animal matter, the human digestive tract is much more like that of a carnivorous one and bears no resemblance to that of a herbivore.

The “ROAR!” program derives ALL of its nutrition from animal based foods, returning our bodies to the same nutritional template that served it for millions of years. Genetically, we are still Paleolithic, pre-agricultural, hunter-gatherers, which means that our digestive system is best suited to a diet consisting of protein and fat, with minimal to no vegetable matter. Cultures such as the Inuit Indians, Eskimos, Masai did not just survive, but THRIVED on diets based solely on animal products, and historically did not suffer from the chronic diseases we see in our modern world – until the Western diet was introduced to them.

Learning how to return to our natural way of eating will restore your health, rid your body of unwanted body fat, increase your energy and eliminate cravings for good.


The “ROAR!” program includes comprehensive course materials, a private consultation, recipes and lifestyle techniques to empower you to achieve optimal health.


Learn how implement this program SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY.

What the “ROAR!” program can do for you:

  • Regulate blood sugar
  • Regulate insulin
  • Effortless fat loss
  • Simple meals that will satisfy your body
  • Eliminate cravings
  • Use fat for fuel
  • Correct vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Normalise hunger hormones
  • Eliminate joint pain
  • Increase energy
  • Maintain and improve lean muscle tissue
  • Realign circadian rhythm
  • Develop stress resilience
  • Lower triglycerides
  • Reconnect with nature 

Available as an online program.


The Fast/Feast Program

An online-only one month program helping you to understand and implement intermittent fasting protocols. Each program commences on the first of every month.

The benefits of fasting are multiple and include:

  • weight loss
  • increased metabolism
  • cell regeneration
  • reduced inflammation
  • increased cognition & brain function
  • reduction in menopausal symptoms
  • better sleep
  • clearer skin
  • improved gut health
  • reduced auto-immunity
  • increased libido

The Fast/Feast Program includes comprehensive course materials, private consultations, regular video content, healthy recipes, workouts, lifetime access to Members Only Facebook group plus Q&A opportunities.

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Fast/Feast Program


Analysing Your “Settings”


Discover your baseline settings, from which Gut Feeling can help tailor a plan to implement change and improvement.

Body Composition Analysis:

  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Body Fat Percentage
  • Visceral Fat Percentage
  • Skeletal Muscle Percentage
  • Basal Metabolic Rate
  • Metabolic Age
  • Bone Mass
  • Body Water

Functional Movement Screen:

  • Squat
  • Inline Lunge
  • Hurdle Step
  • Shoulder Mobility
  • Active Straight Leg Raise
  • Trunk Stability Pushup
  • Rotary Stability

Fitness & Flexibility Test:

  • Resting Heart Rate
  • Maximum Heart Rate
  • Muscular Endurance
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Flexibility Test
  • Core Strength


An in-person appointment is required for these tests to be conducted.

Analyse My Settings


Developing Positive Mindset


Positive mindset is the key to achieving success in whatever goal you set yourself.

Habits are automatic and require conscious effort to change.

Learn how to:

  • Alter behavioural patterns
  • Discover where you are now in your life
  • Set realistic goals
  • Develop visualisation techniques
  • Relax
  • Gain positivity in all areas of your life

Sessions can be conducted in person or online.

Mindset Coaching


A Functional Life


Building strength and increasing flexibility, using correct movement patterns, is critical to good movement generally and in overcoming, or managing injuries.This is why I perform a Functional Movement Screen with clients, as well as a Fitness and Flexibility test, to assess movement patterns and determine a fitness level baseline from which to work. This allows me to provide a tailored fitness program to suit individual requirements.

Being able to function at optimal levels means living your life to the full and sharing every moment with your loved ones without fear of falling, or not being able to get up, to be able to run around with your children and feel playful without the limitations that age can so often bring.


The Movement Journey


Modern life has its benefits – but it has almost certainly wreaked havoc on our ability to move properly – and to enjoy daily activities.

Today we are more sedentary than ever and this is taking its toll on our functional movement patterns and health in general. Many people now have difficulty performing even the most basic of moves such as a squat, or getting up off the floor easily – movements that should be performed almost without thinking as one of our human rights.

As we lose the ability to move correctly so we lose vital joint, muscle and bone qualities, thus entering a vicious circle. Gut Feeling provides specialist movement programs to reintroduce the joy and functionality of pure movement, strengthening the body and helping to prevent diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

Teach your body:

  • Basic life movement skills
  • The joy of fluid motion
  • Postural improvements
  • Movements to increase bone density
  • The ease of joint mobility
  • How to be strong at a basic level

Save money by block booking sessions.

Functional Movement


Fitness Programs


  • 6 Week Weight Loss & Muscle Toning – In Person Only

Includes consultation with full body composition and fitness and flexibility assessment, 2 training sessions per week, basic nutrition advice, personalised home training plan, weekly progress review.


  • Premium 6 Week Weight Loss & Muscle Toning – In Person Only

Includes consultation with full body composition, fitness and flexibility assessment & functional movement screen, 2 training sessions per week, personalised nutrition plan, personalised home training plan, weekly progress review.


  • 8 Week Specialised Programs – In Person Only

Includes consultation with full body composition and fitness and flexibility assessment, 2 training sessions per week, personalised nutrition plan, personalised home training plan, weekly progress review. Specialised needs may include specific training goals, physique building/shredding or rehabilitation needs.


  • Online Programs

For those further afield, or with time constraints, this is a perfect option. Consultation takes place online to determine your fitness and health goals. Personalised training/nutrition plan is emailed to you.

Fitness Programs


Relaxation Therapy

A personalised visualisation journey that provides a complete mind and body experience.

Specifically designed and individually tailored to:

  • Help combat anxiety
  • Tackle personal issues
  • Address stress.

The visualisation journey is followed by a face and head massage for total mind and body relaxation.

Relaxation Therapy

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