The Fast/Feast & Vivify! Programs

“I cannot recommend Lisa highly enough. I had become relatively inactive following an injury and put on weight through not being able to do my normal, preferred exercise. This was frustrating and I couldn’t really see a way out of the situation.

 I was recommended to Lisa by a friend and we met to discuss options for my path back to “fighting weight” and increased strength.

 Lisa is warm and engaging, welcomed me into her home and made me feel at ease and completely unthreatened by what lay ahead. (I had wondered if it might be a scary process of dieting and beating myself with birch twigs!!)

 I embarked on a month of the Fast/Feast and Vivify! programmes and, after an initial one-to-one personal training session, a home based strength programme.

 Lisa’s support and encouragement – always positive and never judgemental – are great when you are trying to change habits and adopt new approaches to food and exercise. The structure of the programmes and advice/ideas on menus mean that you are not having to come up with your own ideas all the time and are great support.

I’m not going to lie – the first couple of weeks were quite tough. However I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly and relatively easily I managed to change habits (no sugar in tea and coffee!!!) and how much better I started to feel.

 Although my month’s programme finished 3 weeks ago, I am still following the Fast/Feast approach and still losing weight. To date 9lbs!! My strength is improving and I am looking forward to returning to my previous activities as my injury recovers.

 Thank you Lisa!”.


The Fast/Feast Program

” I joined the Fast /Feast Program with the sole aim of losing weight around my waistline. I was already incorporating a daily 16 hour fast. However, for my particular health issue it was necessary to implement longer fasts, and, under Lisa’s guidance, I experienced such a terrific energy boost and feelings of wellness that weight loss no longer was the main aim. Along with the regular daily fasting, I will incorporate a longer weekly fast into my lifestyle for all time. I know too, that the stubborn fat loss, which has since begun, will continue. I highly recommend this program to anyone who cares about their health.

Thanks for such a great program. I will continue to participate in the Group and look forward to reading the experiences of other newcomers to the program”.


6 Week Program

” Lisa has helped me to get myself healthy with both nutritional advice and a personal fitness plan. I am thoroughly enjoying the exercises and seeing a huge difference in body shape and stamina. I recently completed the online Fast/Feast program too, which was a great way to begin intermittent fasting with loads of help and online supervision. I can highly recommend both of these very reasonably priced courses. Thank you Lisa!!!


The Fast/Feast Program

“I am genuinely loving the Fast/Feast program! The protocol works really well for me and my weight/shape is changing already, which is very encouraging.

The program is delivered and explained so well, and it has really empowered me and, although I still have much to learn, I feel that I have a clearer understanding of cause/effect of foods in the body. I feel quite liberated – never thought I’d hear myself say that regarding food and diet!!

I am enjoying eating real food and not having any cravings. The posts in the closed Facebook group are immensely helpful – as are the videos which accompany the program – thank you for all the encouragement, help and information – the Fast/Feast group are extremely fortunate”.


The Vivify! Program

“Having enjoyed great results for myself by following your program I introduced the main elements to my kids.

After two weeks free of both gluten and dairy my 15 year old son’s acne has miraculously cleared up! This has been a major triumph for him as, over the last few years, we have been back and forth to the GP three times and he’s been prescribed antibiotics and cream, neither of which did anything other than reduce the redness and inflammation. Nothing had addressed the root cause of the problem.

I wanted to share this with other mums desperate for ways they can help their teenagers – its such a sensitive age to have a face full of large, angry red spots. I would highly recommend this program as a starting point for addressing this issue and learning about how food and nutrition affects the body as a whole entity. Whilst there are no guarantees they have absolutely nothing to lose giving it a try – the foods are all nutrient dense and the removal of toxic elements can only be a good thing”.


8 Week Specialised Program

On my first visit to Lisa four years ago I did not feel well. I had rampant eczema, poor muscle tone and strength, I wasn’t flexible, I had asymmetry and didn’t know how to get aerobic exercise because I have Multiple Sclerosis.

With my chronic condition I knew this was never going to be a “quick fix”, but as Lisa rightly says it has to be a lifestyle change – for life.

My diet would have been considered good, but over the next few weeks (and subsequently months), Lisa explored the possible triggers that were affecting me and I eventually removed all grain (bread etc) from my diet and reduced my very liberal consumption of fruit. We performed an elimination diet to check for intolerances.

Now I have the body composition and metabolic age of a 50 year old – and I am now 66! I no longer have eczema and I feel really well. I feel strong and have increased my capacity for aerobic exercise – due to some very inventive training strategies from Lisa, which have really taken my movement limitations into account.

Despite my recent diagnosis that the MS is now in a Progressive stage, I can do interval training on a static bike and rower, and longer cardio sessions on a cross trainer, which has helped to improve my walking ability generally. Combined with kettlebells, weights and bodyweight training, I have increased my overall muscle strength and can now get aerobic exercise for my heart. This enables me to function better at home doing day to day chores without getting so fatigued – as I used to.

I signed up for an 8 week program but I am still with Lisa four years later as I have improved my health so dramatically under her supervision. If I can change my health outcomes – so can you!


Personal Training

“I’ve been training with Lisa for the last two and a half years. Her sessions are not only motivational, they are extremely effective. Also I’ve recently joined the Fast/Feast program which is truly an education, easy and not too restrictive. Albeit in the early stages I’m starting to understand more about my body and how fasting works, along with noticing the changes kicking in. I’m looking forward to seeing future results.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge Lisa you are an inspiration to us all”.


The Vivify! Program

“One month after starting the program, I primarily noticed positive changes in my digestive system, along with decreased fatigue during the day. Prior to adopting this change in lifestyle, I would often feel tired shortly after eating breakfast and more so as the day progressed; particularly around noon.  I have now found that before training I have much more energy than I had before, as well as not experiencing hunger pains or bloating during long sessions. The energy I have while training lasts much longer than it ever had before. I feel faster and more alert. After eating meals now, I no longer feel lethargic or weighed down as I once had, with my previous “healthy” diet.

Today, over a year since the Vivify!, I feel I am the fittest I have ever been. While many athletes undergo ‘bulking’ and ‘cutting’ periods, whereby they consume an excessive amount of carbs to put on muscle, gaining fat in the process, and then lose the fat later on in the year, this easy change to my diet has helped me increase strength and muscle growth without putting on fat. This allows me to be at fighting fitness year round. I strongly recommend anyone to take his or her fitness to the next level and vivify yourself!”


Mixed Martial Artist

The Fast/Feast Program

“I measured myself this morning and I’m about 4cm down in my waist, hips and chest – fat receding like a glacier!

The most interesting change is recovery from workouts.  Although I feel that I have worked my muscles, there is no soreness beyond normal morning stiffness two days on!  It is definitely a fascinating and “light bulb” experience about how eating around hard workouts (as conventional wisdom dictates) distracts the body from the job of recovery.

The fasting has also reduced the impact of other inflammation problems, which is fantastic! Onwards and upwards!”


Relaxation Therapy

“I have regular fitness sessions with Lisa but recently decided to try some Relaxation Therapy. I was about to have some dental treatment and it was causing me anxiety.

We arranged the first session and I arrived to find the gym transformed into a haven of tranquility with candles and warm blankets. It felt like a completely different environment, and yet one that I was familiar with and so it was easy for me to settle onto the treatment bed and put my trust in the process.

Beginning with breathing techniques, Lisa started the visualisation and I entered into a journey which slowly allowed my body and mind to relax and let go of the anxiety and tension I had been holding. 

After the visualisation I then enjoyed a head and scalp massage – which was amazing! Particularly as I felt so completely relaxed at that point, so it was the icing on the cake!

This was followed by a quiet period to relax before Lisa made some delicious herbal tea and we had a chance to reflect on the therapy .

I had a second session on the morning of the treatment and found that I was able to hold the feeling and use the technique during my  appointment and it made the whole experience completely manageable. 

Thank you Lisa!”


The Fast/Feast Program

“I have had great results from my month! Weight loss, which I hadn’t expected, was 4 kg!!!!! Almost 2 cm from the waist and bum. It was the waist I was most concerned about as I definitely had the ‘fat around the middle’ syndrome.

I will definitely stick to this for the foreseeable future. More energy has been a huge bonus, although I’m still not doing great on my sleep pattern – need to work on that!

One piece of advice for those of you starting out is to use your coaching session with Lisa early on. I really suffered with hunger for the first 10 days or so until I spoke with Lisa. She steered me onto different foods and that made a very big difference to me.

It’s become so easy! This is from someone who has all her life suffered from hanger when food did not appear frequently.

Best of luck to you all….it is well worth the journey!”


6 Week Premium Weight Loss & Muscle Toning

Thank you for giving me a boost with this program! It is so what I needed. You have given me back my confidence – when life gets on top of you it is so easy to fall on food for comfort. You have shown me a new way to love food again – and it tastes so much better (and I know it is much better for me!). The difference in me is amazing; no more bloating, indigestion, stomach cramps…

I have also made decisions about my life and am going to start a new venture – I have signed up for training courses in August and November and plan to build my new career in 2016! Watch out for my website – a new independent me!!

Thank you so much – you have changed my life!


The Fast/Feast Program

I have been doing the Fast/Feast program since the start of the month and although I have been feeling a lot less bloated than normal, more energetic and more conscious of what I am eating, I hadn’t really noticed much of a change in my physical appearance. So I got a bit of a shock this morning when I put on my work trousers (after a long break of not wearing them) and noticed that they were quite a bit looser! So much so I now need a new pair!

I tracked the changes with some body composition scales:

Day One: weight (56.3kg), body fat (23.3%), muscle (38.6%)

Day 23: weight (53.3kg), body fat (21%), muscle (40.6%).

 And all without even really trying!! Thanks!”


The Vivify! Program

“I just wanted to thank you for showing me a different way to eat and enjoy food again. I’ve spent the last 20 plus years dieting and going to every diet class there has ever been and yes I lost weight and gained it all back on again – and more.

This program showed me how to eat healthily for my body – inside and out – without being hungry . I’ve really enjoyed experimenting with flavours and new tastes which my whole family have enjoyed too, without feeling I am missing out on anything.

After just one month I achieved more than a stone of a weight loss and a total of eight and a half inches gone from my body! But the most important part was about feeling healthy and learning how to sustain a new way of eating for life”.